Thursday, September 19, 2013


Recent studies in health care shows that more and more people cutting back on health care expenses because of worldwide recession. Experts suggest that everybody should see doctor regularly regardless of age, sex and health. Even if you are enjoying good health, visit your doctor once or twice a year for a thorough checkup and medical advice. Seeing a doctor is something that each and every person owes themselves and the family that they love!
Most diseases, especially those of chronic nature, have silent or slow progression. A person does not feel sick until the disease progression has reached a certain level of manifestation.

Effectiveness of treatment also depends on the level of disease manifestation or degree of infection. If a disease is detected early enough, facilitates treatment decisions.

Sometimes there is a general feeling among the general population that there is no need to have medical tests or checkups done unless we have particular symptoms that indicate that we have a medical problem.

Having regular health and medical checkups done is important to promote good health. Most of existing or circulating diseases in our environment have a link with lifestyle. Lifestyle diseases come as a result of our feeding and ways of interaction.

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