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Alcoholism (alcohol dependence) and alcohol abuse are two different forms of problem drinking.
  • Alcoholism is when you have signs of physical addiction to alcohol and continues to drink, despite problems with physical health, mental health, and social, family, or job responsibilities. Alcohol may control your life and relationships.
  • Alcohol abuse is when your drinking leads to problems, but not physical addiction.

By The Citizen Reporter

Dar es Salaam. Tanzania on  March  2011 launched a
nationwide campaign to tackle excessive drinking.The government’s initiative against irresponsible drinking has the backing of local brewers and is supported by international organisations with the United States Agency for International Development (Usaid) being its major financier.
The campaign  mainly  conducted through radio programmes. The campaign, dubbed Chonde Chonde! Ulevi Noma! (Please, alcoholism is dangerous), is a six-month drive that  ended in September 2011.

Health and Social Welfare Permanent Secretary Blandina Nyoni, who was the chief guest at the launch in Dar es Salaam, said heavy drinking was a big problem in Tanzania, adding that concerted national efforts were required to deal with the problem.

She said alcohol abuse, among other things, impaired the efficacy of HIV medications and reduced drug compliance, adding that the most serious consequence was impairment of one’s ability to make rational decisions.

“For example, people who drink excessively more often have unprotected sex than those who do not or those who drink responsibly. Tacaids (The Tanzania Commission for Aids) lists alcohol consumption as an important factor in HIV/Aids prevalence.”

According to the Tacaids HIV Prevention Strategy for Tanzania Mainland (2009), men who drink have an HIV prevalence rate that is three times higher than those who do not drink. The prevalence rate is twice higher among women who drink than those who don’t.

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