Monday, December 31, 2012


 Heart health  Guava rich in dietary fiber, also help control cholesterol levels to reduce your risk of heart disease.
 Fluid Balance  A cup of guava provides about 688 mg of the mineral potassium, about 28 percent of the recommended daily intake. In conjunction with sodium, potassium helps regulate the fluid balance in
your body. It improves the absorption of nutrients through cell membranes.
Constipation The first health benefit of guava is the role it plays in constipation! Guava is extremely rich in two constipation protecting elements. This is water and Dietary fiber. These two elements help thoroughly clean your intestines and excretory system; they also additionally help with the movement of your bowel. Therefore, guavas may act as a laxative. By helping keep your intestines and excretory system clean, guava is not only preventing constipation but is also helping prevent several different kinds of ailments that arise as a result of constipation. So for proper digestion and excretion, eat guava!
Diarrhea Surprisingly, the second health benefit of guava is the role it plays in diarrhea! Elements such as astringents, that make your gums feel tighter after eating, actually work as an excellent binding agent which helps prevent loose bowels caused in diarrhea. Luckily, astringents are extremely common in guava fruit. These astringents are also a natural alkaline, which means this also serves as a disinfectant and antibacterial property. Therefore, guavas don’t only help diarrhea but also helps impede the growth of harmful microbial growth and removes extra mucus from the intestines, therefore being the perfect cure not only for diarrhea but also for dysentery.
Reduce High Blood Pressure Eating guava helps your body retain fluidity of blood, making it easier to maintain and reduce blood pressure. This is because eating guava helps lower cholesterol levels in blood which then helps prevent it from thickening. Also, foods which are rich in fibers, such as guava, helps prevent food conversion into sugar therefore, again helping in the prevention of high blood pressure.  
Anti-Cancer Guava is packed with antioxidants, especially Vitamin C which is amongst the most strong and powerful antioxidants. Vitamin C found in guava helps fight against free radicals which damage the cells and further cause heart disease and cancer! Therefore, eating guavas may help reduce your risk of developin cancer and heart disease!
Lowers the Risk of Diabetes As discussed before, guava fruit is extremely rich in Fiber, which alone contributes to many health benefits. One of these benefits includes the fact that it is extremely beneficial in lowering the risks and in the prevention of diabetes! Guava helps lowering the absorption of sugar into the body which is extremely important for those with diabetes. Also a rich fiber diet with fruits like guava has been linked to a lowered risk in the development in type 2 diabetes.
Promotes Fertility Guava is also rich in another key nutrient called Folate. Folate is extremely beneficial and also popular for its positive impact on fertility promoting properties. Therefore, if you specifically interested in this benefit, all you have to do is munch on this delicious treat to avail its benefits.
Prevents Birth Defects The presence of folate in guavas may help reduce the risk of multiple birth defects in babies. Research has revealed the important of folate during pregnancy to avoid birth defects in babies.  Pregnant mothers should consult their doctors before including guavas in their diet.

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